Now the system is stabilized and working very well. After VRP and addition surge protector installation we have not faced any problem. VRP is really a good product.

Assistant Mgr – Bldgs BusinessSchneider Electric

Solutions for Hospitals, Analytical and Scientific Laboratories

In order to protect sensitive gadgets such as surveillance systems, baggage screening machines, home theatres, computers & office equipment including IT infrastructure, air-conditioning, special purpose lights etc. from unstable AC mains voltage, TSi Power provides a range of power conditioning isolation transformers and fast-acting, PWM-based automatic voltage regulators. They are designed to be reliable even under adverse power supply conditions, reducing downtime and enhancing safety.

For locations with very unstable neutrals or suffering frequent neutral breaks, we can also offer an economical combination of 3-phase neutral cum phase-balancing transformers (NBt’s) and fast regulating, PWM-based automatic voltage regulators (AVR’s).


Our range of power conditioning devices provides fast-responding regulation for residential & commercial applications, including safety from neutral breaks & facility to provide a source grounded neutral at an economical cost. These products provide the option of supplying a 3-wire input & obtaining a 4-wire output, source ground, for obtaining reliable power in your residence or office. In addition, NBt automatically balances the current on all 3 incoming phases.

We also offer custom designed products for your specific project requirements.


Our PWM-based AVR is a fast-acting automatic voltage regulator available in a variety of voltages and sizes. Both single-phase and three-phase models are part of the standard product program. This AVR can be supplied standalone or in combination with an ILc isolating line conditioner or an NBt neutral cum phase-balancing transformer.