CNC & Robotics

  • TSi-VRP adds value to leading international brands of sophisticated CNC machines and robotics. Many original equipment manufacturers strongly recommend VRP technology for voltage conditioning so as to gain control over warranty issues caused by poor power quality and, thus, earn customer appreciation for their brand’s performance.


  • ITL Industries- Indore endeavors to earn happy customers through uninterrupted machine running. Knowing that VRP enables better performance of their machines, they regularly suggest to their customers, “you must have an IGBT Power stabilizer so that your machine has a stabilized supply and you do not have any problem. You can buy one from TSi, Vadodara.”


  • HAAS CNC regularly invites TSi to their HAASTEC Roadshows so as to engage existing & potential customers with modern technologies for better performance of their machines. They recommend in their Pre-installation information manual “we would recommend strongly to use as first choice to have Static Control Stabilizer in place of standard servo stabilizer.


  • MacPower CNC- Rajkot extensively tested our VRP before certifying to us thus, “our CNC machines work under regenerative conditions. We are very satisfied with the steady performance of your VRP. Your technology will go a long way in enhancing the productive use of our machines.”


  • Hwacheon-Pune strongly recommends VRP with their CNC machines. Often they supply VRP as a package with their machines.


  • Hwashin Automotives- Chennai (builders of body parts for Hyundai cars) did an annual comparative study of 2 robot welding lines in 2013-14. One was powered by 99 VRP’s without any isolation transformer & another was powered by 100 Servo stabilizers + isolation transformers. The results established long term advantages of VRP technology. Hwashin certified thus, “The welding lines powered by servo stabilizers incurred Rs. 2.0 million on burnt cards and an average downtime of 4 hours per week. But there has been no burnt cards & no downtime in the lines powered by VRP. This rests the case in favour of VRP technology. Since then, Hwashin has gradually phased out servo stabilizers on robotics as well as other CNC machines & replaced them with VRP. The result is an all-round productivity increase.