Auto & Auto Ancillary

By far the single largest segment worldwide using maximum electronic machines is the auto sector. This sector has been quick to adopt the revolutionary TSi- VRP technology across several applications of machining, welding, metal cutting, metal forming, which crucially depend on pure power. Today VRP is synonymous with pure power in the auto sector. Its technology advantages are easily measurable and its benefits are quick to see. We believe, once a VRP customer, always a VRP customer. All our customers today place repetitive orders. As a result, there are thousands of VRP’s operating in the auto sector.


  • Honda Cars- Tapukera & Bharat Forge- Pune both were suffering due to sags from incoming supply side. Both have successfully tested and adopted VRP technology. Honda cars have now consolidated their benefits further by replacing several servo stabilizer applications with VRP to effectively control sags & to stop interruptions in crucial CNC machines.


  • Somic ZF- Delhi were hard pressed to solve rejection problem due to sudden voltage sags in projection welding machines. Today they have solved the problem with TSi- VRP which instantaneous corrects voltage dips & maintains quality welding in their 2-phase projection welding machines.