Chinco Textiles Is All Praise For TSi Static Power Conditioner

TSi Power’s PWM Static Power Line Conditioner is the ideal solution for powering high-end electronic equipment in mission-critical applications across all electronic machines, which critically depend on instantly & precisely regulated power, free of all voltage disturbances viz: voltage sags, spikes, surges & noises.

In 2014, we introduced our technology to a major textile company Chinco Textiles, Surat, India. They were facing many power-quality issues. Even though they were using Servo Voltage Stabilizers but the problems pertaining to tripping, PCB burning & driver card failures in their Korean Warping Machineries were still troubling them severely. This was causing them huge production losses and a decline in their overall productivity.

Initially, they were surprised to know that we had this advance power conditioning technology with the correction time of 20 milliseconds that could solve all their problems. So, to start with they installed our 110 KVA Static Voltage Regulator with Precision (VRP) on 4nos. of Korean, Chinese and Indian Yarn Warping Machineries.

Thereafter, over the last 6 years they have gradually installed in total 4 nos. of TSi-VRP units of different capacities on their multiple Yarn Counting Machine, Warping Machine, TFO, Winding, Bimmer Machineries, Indian Power Loom Weaving Machinery & Korean Shuttle Change Weaving Looms.

Chinco Textiles strongly recommends TSi-VRP to other textile customers.

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