The performance of VRp is very good. The voltage stabilization is very fast mostly could not be noticed. During the trial period there was no need for routine maintenance or check up as compared to servo voltage stabilizer. Space required was very less. Aesthetically it is very good. Easy to shift from one machine to another as it is light weight than the servo stabilizer. No need to change any settings after installation. Satisfied with the performance.

Senior Manager (Maintenance) Tata Motors

Power conditioning Solutions for CNC Applications

The right power conditioning solution for your next project

CNC applications involve high-end electronics & controls, whose reliable functioning critically depends on instantly & precisely regulated power, free of surges, spikes & brown-outs. Additionally, modern day CNC machines use regenerative drives, which cause instability when used with servo stabilizers. The fact remains that commonly used servo stabilizer with/without an isolation transformer was, at best, a compromise solution. Its slow speed of correction was a big limitation, so were the electrical noises generated by its brush.

This changed with the use of revolutionary TSi VRP- Precision Line Conditioner. Rugged, reliable, all solid state, providing real-time voltage correction within 20 milliseconds & controlling any surges, spikes or brown-outs.

If you are looking for the purest power accessory for your CNC Machine Tools, look no farther than our VRP.


Our VRp is the only device you will need to provide quality power to all your modern day CNC Lathes, Milling, Drilling & Grinding Machine Tools, VMC’s, Laser & Plasma Cutting Machines, CNC Presses, Printing & Packaging Machines, robotics, automation & process control. It is available in many variants to meet your customized needs as well.


As part of our commitment to helping our customers find cost-effective solutions for their specific needs, TSi Power offers a wide selection of standard as well as customized outdoor and indoor PWM-based automatic voltage regulators (AVR’s), which provide the utmost in reliability.

TSi Power’s communications AVR’s are available as single phase, three phase or 3-phase-to-single-phase configurations.