Solutions for the Communications Industry

The right power conditioning solution for your next project

Backed by thousands of successfully operating PWM AVR’s at cell sites in the harsh environs of African countries for over a decade, with demanding telecom operators & tower companies, TSi Power have mastered the most successful & most reliable AVR technology for cell sites. This legendary technology has now been passed on to their Indian company. That means, TSi Power products are especially suited for powering un-manned cell sites, which demand continuous reliability of operation with minimal maintenance requirements.


In developing economies of Asian & African countries, where power distribution system is inadequate, the resultant voltage fluctuations & phase unbalances cause cell sites to malfunction. Consequently the sites need to be run on diesel generators which result in high OPEX & falling bottomlines. These sites need a rugged, reliable, no-maintenance power conditioning device.

We offer PWM-based automatic voltage regulators (AVR’s) for cell sites located in areas with unstable electricity supply. TSi Power’s AVR’s can protect equipment and decrease reliance on diesel generators, saving operators money. They are rugged, reliable & maintenance-free.


As part of our commitment to helping our customers find cost-effective solutions for their specific needs, TSi Power offers a wide selection of standard as well as customized outdoor and indoor PWM-based automatic voltage regulators (AVR’s), which provide the utmost in reliability.

TSi Power’s communications AVR’s are available as single phase, three phase or 3-phase-to-single-phase configurations.