Strong Parentage, Best Solutions

TSi Power (P) Ltd. was conceived in 2011 by a highly experienced power conditioning technocrat from the prestigious I.I.T. Kanpur, along with his associates, and co-promoted by TSi Power-U.S.A. as a JV. The JV operates under a licensing & technology transfer agreement from TSi Power Corporation, U.S.A. ( Experience of promoters jointly spans across power conditioning & energy saving applications in not only U.S.A. & Europe with stable power, but also covering all such countries that suffer from worst power quality issues, esp. in Asia & Africa. The Indian JV works very closely with its parent company in catering to the needs of Asian & African countries as well as some European OEMs.

Power products built to succeed.

We make high-quality VRp-Precision PWM Line Conditioners, Fast Acting Automatic Voltage Regulators, Isolation Line Conditioners and Neutral Balancing Transformers for both indoor as well as outdoor applications. We offer a full line of standard products, along with configurable and custom solutions. Our specialty is low- to medium voltage power solutions for a variety of situations, including unusual and challenging applications.

We design products that will continually operate 24/7 at the limits of stated specifications. We don’t accept short cuts in materials and engineering – not from ourselves, nor from our suppliers. Our customers can trust that our products are conservatively designed and built from properly sized components. Power conversion and protection products are like a house foundation and if not properly designed, they will fail when pushed too hard.

At TSi Power, our products are built to succeed, time after time.

Our Commitment To You.

Our commitment to our customers is simple: a technically competent sales engineer will serve you directly from concept to production and beyond. What does this mean?

• Faster communication, because information does not have to travel back and forth through multiple layers of people

• Reduced time to market.

• Personalized service and follow-up.

• Responsive technical support.

Our Sales Process.

TSi Power exports products all over Asia & Africa. We provide power solutions to customers in Africa, the Middle East, South East Asia &, of course, our home turf India, to name a few. By doing business throughout the developing world, we solidly understand the issues surrounding quality of power generation, transmission and distribution infrastructure – along with the operating environmental conditions that affects the quality of power – in different countries

At TSi Power, we export our products directly to end users, systems integrators and value added resellers. This greatly improves communication with the actual customer – ensuring our customers get the right solution for their needs.

When you work with us, a trained sales engineer handles all customer inquiries and will organize resources needed to provide a quotation or resolve a problem. Our sales engineers work with each customer from initial inquiry to production to make sure the project stays on schedule, reducing the overall time to market. We also provide support for system start up and maintenance to assure reliable product performance.

About The Company.

Headquartered in the historic city of Vadodara in India, TSi Power thrives on being located in an engineering hub of an industrially developed Gujarat state with a stable work force and ready access to major component suppliers. We value our suppliers and have developed long-term relationships in order to assure best quality and lead time for components.

Based on the design & technology from our Principals in U.S.A., we engineer, manufacture and service all of our products right here in Vadodara. Because of our corporate culture and rigorous hiring standards, our employees have long years of on-the-job experience and employee turnover is extremely low. We believe that employee skills coupled with stability are the foundation to our ability to provide high quality power products.

With our nimble structure, we’re able to quickly provide the help and support our customers need, from sales to technical support to trouble shooting. Our customers find it easy to access TSi Power’s decision makers and technical resources, since they don’t have to go through multiple layers of people and departments. If you need help, we’re just a phone call or e-mail away – and we’ll try to respond within 24 hours.

TSi Power, your Power Solution Partner for today and tomorrow