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HAPS VRP is a cost-effective three phase precision AC voltage regulator with inbuilt Healthy Automatic Phase Selection (HAPS) system which selects the best incoming voltage phases, ignores incoming neutral and provides a stabilized single-phase output with a fresh grounded neutral. This ensures maintenance-free operation of electronic equipment over a wide range of input voltage range even in situations of phase loss and broken input neutral.

TSi-HAPS VRP is designed to provide high precision power with a typical compensation time of 20 milliseconds to comply with the requirements of the ITIC curve for power supply to electronics.

How the HAPS VRP works:

The high frequency Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) driven converter takes the incoming AC power, measures it against the nominal voltage reference and then adds or subtracts a compensating voltage to achieve a precisely regulated 230 V output.

In events of unhealthy/missing incoming phase, HAPS VRP automatically shifts to the next available healthy phase and continues to provide uninterrupted useful output power.

Illustration of TSi-HAPS VRP Technology:

Reliable TSi-HAPS Technology for Next Gen Electronic Machinery:

Key Features and Benefits:

  • HAPS VRP can work without incoming neutral. It creates its own perfectly grounded neutral.
  • Ability to provide healthy single-phase output even in case of absence of one of the three input phases. Thus, it can work and provide uninterrupted pure power with any of the two incoming phases.
  • Provides the output voltage within +/-1% of the nominal voltage with real-time optimum voltage compensation, as well as spike & noise control. 
  • No change in wiring is required. Input will be three phase 4 wire and output will be single phase 3 wire.
  • Static technology results in quiet operation, high product up-time & low maintenance. 
  • Internal surge voltage protection assures trouble-free operation.
  • AC input circuit breakers and load over current protection prevents costly equipment damage.
  • Tight control over electronic card failures, data corruption and machine breakdowns result in higher productivity, lower operating costs, and greater consumer comfort.
  • Lightweight and compact size makes for ease of installation.


Three Phase 3kVA to 50kVA, ± 20%


  • In HAPS VRP, the output load shall be only single phase.
  • No distribution of load is required.