A correctly sized ILc solves grounding problems, recreates a neutral-to-ground bond and minimizes ground leakage current. In addition, it enhances safety, limits short-circuit current, reduces common and normal-mode noise and provides excellent surge protection for sensitive electronic equipment.

An isolation line conditioner can eliminate the need for a dedicated circuit or expensive rewiring. This is particularly helpful when wiring is old or a tenant doesn’t have easy access to distribution panel boards.

TSi Power offers a full line of isolation line conditioners for industrial and medical applications. With numerous configurations and options available, you’ll find the ideal product for your specific application.

TSi Power isolation line conditioner is available in standard models as a self standing, indoor unit. It can be supplied either as a stand-alone ILc or integrated with our legendary VRP (VRP-ILc ).

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Indoor Isolation Line Conditioners

Select an indoor model to address your power problem, from random errors or equipment lock up.

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Outdoor Isolation Line Conditioners

Used most often in telecom cell sites and remote outdoor applications, these products are typically built to our customers’ specifications

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