Managing Director's Message

Message from the M.D.


Organizations evolve their unique identity based on their evolved work culture. From the outset, we set out to evolve a happy work culture. Because, we believe that when happiness is shared, it multiplies. Happy moments bring out the best in creativity as well as output. We want to come to work because we feel happy coming to work.

Our mission, therefore, is to create a workplace where everyone feels happy doing whatever he is doing. He feels a sense of happiness in his work and he wants to share the same happiness with his customers. So he accomplishes his tasks, not under pressure, but because he feels happy to see the fruit of his labor. And our visitors often tell us that this happiness reflects in our ambience.

Consequently, each equipment our team creates is a masterpiece, which looks great and performs great. So then we don’t have to work hard to sell our products a second time, because once our customer, always our happy customer.

And this work-culture is the backbone of our success. It is this work-culture that has enabled us to change the face of the Power Conditioning market over the last decade with our unique solutions and our consistent performance. And we look forward to an unchallenged position of leadership in the future too.

After all, competitors can copy our work, but not our work culture.

Rajesh Nandan Pande

Managing Director