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NPS VRP is a cost-effective three phase automatic precision AC voltage regulator that ensures maintenance-free operation of electronic equipment over a wide range of input voltage range without having the need of an input neutral for carrying out its operation. TSi-NPS VRP series is designed to provide high precision power with a typical compensation time of 20 milliseconds to comply with the requirements of the ITIC  curve for power supply to electronics.

Three phase as well as single phase versions are available.

How the NPS VRP works:

The high frequency Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) driven converter takes the incoming AC power, measures it against the nominal voltage reference and then adds or subtracts a compensating voltage to achieve a precisely regulated 230 V output.

Illustration of TSi-NPS VRP Technology:

Reliable TSi-NPS Technology for Next Gen Electronic Machinery:

Key Features and Benefits:

  • NPS VRP doesn’t need input neutral.
  • Ability to provide healthy output even if there is a break/failure of incoming neutral.
  • Provides the output voltage within +/-1% of the nominal voltage with real-time optimum voltage compensation, as well as spike & noise control. 
  • Output load can be single phase as well as three phase.
  • No change in wiring is required. Input will be three phase 4 wire and output will be three phase 5 wire.
  • Static technology results in quiet operation, high product up-time & low maintenance. 
  • Internal surge voltage protection assures trouble-free operation.
  • AC input circuit breakers and load over current protection prevents costly equipment damage.
  • Tight control over electronic card failures, data corruption and machine breakdowns result in higher productivity, lower operating costs, and greater consumer comfort.
  • Lightweight and compact size makes for ease of installation.


Three Phase 6kVA to 160kVA, ± 13%
Three Phase 3kVA to 100kVA, ± 20%
Three Phase 6.5kVA to 75kVA, ± 26%


  • In NPS VRP, distribution of load is required.
  • Maximum capacity per phase will be 1/3rd of the equipment capacity. Example: 30KVA NPS VRP can be loaded maximum 10KVA single phase per phase.