A wide input range PWM-based automatic voltage regular (AVR) with precise regulation, TSi Power’s VRp series outdoor AVR is intended for outdoor installation. It is ideally suited to operate & protect outdoor telecommunication cell sites, railway signaling yards & similar outdoor applications. Outdoor AVR is available in three-phase versions.

TSi AVR incorporates unique AC-chopper technology for very high efficiency. Its inverter imposes an ultra-fast PWM correction voltage on the primary winding of a buck-boost transformer. TSi AVR features complete line conditioning, viz: precise real-time voltage regulation, surge & spike control, elimination of sudden brownouts caused by voltage sags due to heavy inrush current.

Conventional AVR technologies do not have this ability of real time regulation under all conditions of fluctuation including brownouts.

TSi Outdoor AVR is designed & assembled in an all weather-proof steel cabinet, in standard fluctuation range of + 20%. All models can be factory preset for any output voltage from 215 to 240V P-N. standard protections include overload & short-circuit protection. LED indications are provided for status annunciation. The control PCB assembly is housed in a separately ventilated compartment & connectorized with buck-boost transformer for easy replacement.

Typical output regulation is + 1%, excluding voltmeter error, & it is achieved on real-time basis, within 20 millisec. This unique technology makes it the ideal choice to obtain high quality power for precision operation of rectifier based electronic loads.

Because most rectifier based applications work satisfactorily within a wide voltage range of 190-250 Volts, for such applications our AVR continues to provide clean, stable power over a widely relaxed input fluctuation of 152-300 Volts

VRp series AVR’s heavy-duty electronics and magnetics are designed to operate under worst-case conditions and incorporate industrial strength surge protection. AVR efficiency is between 95 to 98% depending on operating condition.Outdoor AVR is available as a customized product, in single-phase, two-phase-to-single phase or three-phase configurations.TSi Elecpower can also produce a variety of special, bespoke outdoor AVR products for regular OEM’s, upon request. These customized models can generally be made available within 6 to 8 weeks.

Outdoor AVR Three Phase 230/400 V, 50/60 Hz

VRp series three-phase AVR units are available as customized models. Please click below to request a quote.