VRp – Precision PWM Line Conditioners for Machineries

Advanced technology for real-time correction of unstable mains voltage, control surges, spikes, sags & brown-outs, which can otherwise cause equipment malfunction/failure, TSi Power offers a full line of precision PWM Line Conditioners with in-built fault protection features in sizes up to 100 kVA. Learn more »

PWM Fast Acting Automatic Voltage Regulators

Our rugged AVR’s based on PWM advanced technology accept fluctuating voltage input & provide real-time corrected, stable output power, free it from surges, spikes, sags & brown-outs. This regulated power is ideal for smooth, trouble-free operation of your expensive equipment at home, office, hospital, etc .Learn more »

ILc – Isolation Line Conditioners

Our rugged isolation line conditioners solve grounding problems, recreate neutral-to-ground bond, reduce leakage current, enhance safety, limit short-circuit current, reduce common and normal-mode noise and provide excellent surge protection for sensitive electronic equipment. Learn more »