Shakambari Industries is appreciative of TSi’s Static Voltage Regulation Technology

M/s Shakambari Industries is a major manufacturer of Block Board, Block Board frames, and Flush doors.

Till early 2020, they were facing breakdowns in their Core Veneer Peeling machine and also, a lot of variation in thickness of their end product i.e. Core veneer was being observed which led to material rejection issues and associated losses. These issues were due to input side voltage disturbances like fluctuations, sags, spikes, surges & HF noises.

While looking for a holistic solution for these problems, they came to know about TSi’s Static Voltage Regulator with Precision (VRP) and how its unique IGBT-based Static Voltage Regulation technology & real-time response cum correction rate can protect their whole peeling machine load.

Once they understood the uniqueness of TSi-VRP and its benefits, they decided to install Three Phase 45kVA TSi-VRP. Now, it has been over 1.5 years and till date, they haven’t faced any breakdown at all in their peeling machine. Also, they are getting uniform thickness in their Core Veneer.

Happy and extremely satisfied with TSi-VRP’s performance, the promoter of M/s Shakambari Industries is looking forward to installing TSi-VRP at his residence as well.

Along with the product, they are equally in admiration of the superb after-sales support of TSi.

Please have a look at the Letter of Appreciation by M/s Shakambari Industries shared below wherein they have shared their experience of using TSi-VRP and interacting with team TSi:

Letter of Appreciation

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