Solve many power-related problems with TSi Power’s rugged Static Voltage Regulators with Precision(VRP). From unstable branch circuits, unstable power grid, and poor local distribution to bad wiring and frequent generator cycling, we have your situation covered.

TSi Power offers a full range of PWM Static Voltage Regulators with Precision (VRP), based on  IGBT with PWM continuous seamless correction of voltage, surges, spikes, sags & brown-outs.

TSi Power’s VRP series is available for a variety of services, such as telecommunication, signaling, hospitals, diagnostics, scientific & analytical equipment, offices, residences, shops & showrooms, both in indoor & outdoor versions. They are compact, light-weight, tightly regulating AVR’s that respond instantly with a wide input voltage range but without switching the active power path. With inbuilt excellent surge voltage protection & electrical noise control circuits, using only passive components, our VRP series is your ideal choice for homes, offices as well as remote locations, such as in cell sites, signaling yards & the like.

For the technology advantages of our VRP series, refer to the features table under the images.

TSi-VRP series includes:

Single Phase and Three Phase models

Indoor and Outdoor versions (IP42 & IP54 models)

• Available in sizes up to 300 KVA

Three Phase VRP

Available in sizes of up to 300 KVA, the three-phase VRP series features a power efficiency of 95% to over 97% when regulating and higher when voltage is normal.

Single Phase VRP

Available in sizes of up to 100 KVA, single phase VRP series features a power efficiency of 95% to 96% when regulating and higher when the voltage is normal.

Stepless Voltage Correction yes yes yes
Instant Real-Time, Precision Voltage Correction yes Poor Depends on Load & Line
Sag Elimination yes no yes
Surge & Spike Suppression yes no yes
Load Regulation Excellent Excellent Very Poor
Ability to Handle Regenerative Loading Excellent, stays undisturbed Becomes Unsteady Poor, Can’t handle
Power Back-up no no no
Load Compatibility Excellent Good Poor
Overload Capacity yes yes Poor
Static Design/ No Moving Parts yes no yes
Reliability against Breakdowns Excellent Maintenance Prone Excellent
Servicing/ Installation Simple
(Plug and Play)
Support Needed Simple
Built-in Fast Auto Bypass System yes no N/A
Energy Saving



No, energy guzzer
Voltage overshoot during Mains Cycle Never Yes Yes, can be very high
Soft Switch-on




Cost of Ownership Extremely cost-effective High. Due to maintenance, failures & technology limitations High. Due to poor efficiency