Solve many power-related problems with TSi Power’s rugged, VRp series- Precision PWM Line Conditioners for machinery. From unstable branch circuits, unstable power grid, poor local distribution, bad wiring and frequent generator cycling, to frequent switching loads in your premises causing untold voltage sags & surges, we have your situation covered.

TSi Power offers a full range of Precision Line Conditioners, based on VRp technology with PWM continuous seamless correction of voltage, surges, spikes, sags & brown-outs.

TSi Power’s VRp series of line conditioners are available for a variety of CNC, automation & robotics, power looms, packaging & printing machine applications, in indoor version. They are compact, light-weight, tightly regulating Line
conditioners that respond instantly with a wide input voltage range but without switching the active power path. With inbuilt excellent surge voltage protection & electrical noise control circuits, using only passive components, our
VRp series is your ideal choice for remote locations.

TSi VRp series Precision PWM Line Conditioner is available as an indoor model in sizes up to 100 kVA, depending on voltage fluctuation range. TSi VRp series features power efficiency of 95% to 97% when regulating and higher
when voltage is normal.

TSi VRp series Precision PWM Line Conditioner’s standard listed models are highly standardized for performance consistency & fast delivery. Consequently, standard listed models can generally be made available ex-stock
or, at the latest, within 2 weeks.

  • VRp Series Indoor Precision PWM Line Conditioners

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  • VRp Series Outdoor Precision PWM Line Conditioners

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Fast, real-time, precision voltage control yes no yes
No switching of power path yes yes yes
Brown-outs elimination yes no no
Static design, no moving parts yes no yes
Over/under-voltage, phase imbalance cutoff yes no no
Overload/short-circuit protection yes no no
Surge, spike & noise control yes no no
Automatic bypass yes no no
Wide voltage input window yes yes yes
Soft switch-on during power cycling yes no yes
Voltage regulation – no load to full load Excellent Average Poor
Load compatibility Excellent Good Poor
Ability to handle regenerative loading Excellent, stays undisturbed Becomes unsteady Poor, can not handle
Energy Saving yes yes no
Reliability against breakdowns Excellent Poor Good
Servicing / installation Simple Needs support Simple
Power efficiency Excellent Good Poor
Size and weight Compact / light weight Bulky Only available in small capacities