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Elevators and escalators rely on various electronic systems, including automated operating, diagnostic, and warning systems, LED lighting, and other electronic equipment. Additionally, for backup power, most establishments utilize UPS systems and DG sets to enable them to function optimally. However, frequent voltage fluctuations often trigger the backup power mode, leading to the unnecessary depletion of UPS batteries and expensive DG power consumption. This situation can result in a sudden system halt during a real power outage due to drained batteries. Wide-range VRP technology effectively eliminates this issue, ensuring uninterrupted operation and cost savings even when the supply voltage exceeds the trigger range. Institutions rely on TSi Power’s TSi VRP Static Voltage Regulator with Precision technology to prevent electronic failures in inverter-based machines like elevators and escalators. VRP also serves as an ideal bypass mode conditioner for large UPS systems, ensuring stable power quality during bypass mode, enabling seamless commercial operations, and delighting customers with enhanced satisfaction. Opting for VRP can benefit your business by ensuring uninterrupted operation and cost savings, leading to a higher profit margin.

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The TSi VRP Static Voltage Regulator with Precision enhances productivity and quality across the elevator and escalator industry processes with its seamless power regulation.


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