NPS Static Voltage Regulator with Precision (NPS VRP)​
Discover the marvels of NPS VRP’s precision power

The TSi-NPS VRP is a cost-effective three-phase automatic AC voltage regulator that provides precision power without the need for an input neutral to carry out its operation. The best part is that it provides a fresh neutral on its output to enable the connection of single-phase as well as 3-phase loads. It boasts a swift 20-millisecond compensation time to meet strict ITIC curve standards for electronic power supply.

Core features/benefits
of the products

  • There is no input neutral required as NPS VRP operates seamlessly without the need for an input neutral.
  • A fresh neutral is made available on output to run single-phase as well as 3-phase loads seamlessly.
  • It assures a consistent output even in the event of an incoming neutral break or failure.
  • Get precision voltage control as it maintains output voltage within a +/-1% range, offering real-time optimal compensation and effective spike and noise control.
  • It offers flexible load handling as it supports both single-phase and three-phase output loads for versatile applications.
  • It is an effortless setup with no wiring modifications needed. The input remains a three-phase 4-wire while the output becomes a three-phase 5-wire.
  • It is quiet and reliable as it utilizes static technology for quiet, high-uptime, and low-maintenance operations.
  • Its Internal surge voltage protection guarantees a trouble-free operation.
  • It is equipped with safety features like AC input circuit breakers and load over-current protection to prevent equipment damage.
  • It delivers enhanced productivity by minimizing the risk of electronic card failures, data corruption, and machine breakdowns, resulting in increased productivity, lower operating costs, and improved consumer comfort.
  • Its compact design and lightweight build facilitate easy installation.


Presenting our Three-Phase NPS VRP Series, featuring capacities of up to 160 KVA. With 6kVA to 160kVA offered in the ± 13% model, 3kVA to 130kVA offered in the ± 20% model, and 6.5kVA to 75kVA offered in the ± 26% model. This line showcases exceptional power efficiency, with levels ranging from 95% to well beyond 97% during voltage regulation, and even higher under normal voltage conditions.

Technical Specifications

Model: TSi-NPS VRP 13%

Model: TSI-NPS VRP 20%

Model: TSI-NPS VRP 26%

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