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The next-gen retail petrol pumps are equipped with cutting-edge dispensing machines, all interconnected via SCADA. These pumps also rely on energy-efficient inverter air-conditioners and specialized lighting systems. These precision-dependent devices demand a steady power supply. TSi Power’s TSi VRP Static Voltage Regulator with Precision seamlessly provides the required power to these advanced retail pumps and their sensitive, internationally renowned dispensers. VRP not only ensures flawless dispenser operation in the face of voltage spikes, fluctuations, disturbances, and noise but also eliminates the need for power-hungry CVTs. This results in significant energy savings and a rapid return on investment. Numerous pump owners, spread across different Indian states and associated with HPCL/IOCL, are delighted to choose VRP over the traditional combo of servo stabilizers and CVTs, experiencing newfound happiness in their power solutions. Utilizing VRP ultimately contributes to increased profitability and competitiveness for your business.

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The TSi VRP Static Voltage Regulator with Precision improves operational stability, reduces energy expenses, enhances equipment lifespan, and generates a more rapid return on investment.

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