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Ensure the perfect power conditioning solution for your upcoming project with our comprehensive approach. We start by assessing whether a standard or slightly adapted product can meet your needs. If customization is required, we strive to craft it using our existing components, effectively minimizing development expenses and lead times. In cases where custom circuits and enclosures are necessary to align with your specific application, we are fully equipped to design them. Throughout this journey, our dedicated team collaborates with you, ensuring your requirements are not just met but exceeded, resulting in enhancing your business’s competitive edge with TSi Power’s TSi VRP Static Voltage Regulator with Precision.

With TSi VRP for textile masters

The TSi VRP Static Voltage Regulator with Precision enhances productivity and quality across the engineering and process industry with its seamless power regulation.

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EDM machines

CNC machines



Wood-peeling machines

Laser-cutting machines

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At TSi, our commitment doesn’t end with a purchase. In fact, it’s the beginning of our exceptional after-sales service, delivering not just satisfaction but the delight of a project well done.

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