HAPS Static Voltage Regulator with Precision (HAPS VRP​)
View precision in action with HAPS VRP's inner mechanism

This cutting-edge three-phase precision AC voltage regulator is powered by the innovative Healthy Automatic Phase Selection (HAPS) system. It selects the two best incoming voltage phases, ignores the third phase and the incoming neutral, and provides a stabilized single-phase output with a fresh grounded neutral.

Core features/benefits
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  • It ensures an uninterrupted, pure power supply even if one of the three input phases is missing, allowing seamless operation with any two incoming phases.
  • It works without incoming neutral. It creates its own perfectly grounded neutral.
    With real-time voltage optimization and effective spike and noise control, it maintains output voltage within a narrow range of +/-1% of the nominal voltage.
  • No wiring modifications are necessary; it needs a three-phase 4-wire input (R, Y, B, PE) and delivers a single-phase 3-wire output (P, N, PE).
  • Employing static technology, it operates quietly, boasts high product uptime, and requires minimal maintenance.
  • Built-in surge voltage protection guarantees trouble-free operation, safeguarding your equipment.
  • Equipped with AC input circuit breakers and load overcurrent protection, it prevents costly equipment damage.
  • Precise control over electronic card failures, data integrity, and machine breakdowns translates to increased productivity, reduced operating costs, and improved user comfort.
  • Its lightweight and compact design facilitates easy installation.
  • Offering capacities ranging from a single-phase output of 3kVA to 50kVA with a ±20% voltage variation, it accommodates a wide range of power needs.


Presenting our Three-Phase HAPS VRP Series, offered in capacities from 3KVA to 50KVA in a ± 20% model. This series stands out for its outstanding power efficiency, achieving levels of over 96% during voltage regulation, and even higher under normal voltage conditions.

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