Sag-Free Fluctuation-Free - SFCube​
Unlocking SFCube: A closer look inside the power wonder

The TSi-SFCube series (SFCube meaning SFFF – Sag Free Fluctuation Free) ensures uninterrupted operation over a wide range of sag and surge scenarios. With a rapid compensation time of 1 waveform, it aligns seamlessly with the ITIC curve standards, ensuring a consistent power supply to your electronics. It will control, for any length of time, up to a 50% sag event, and bring it within a usable voltage of +/-10%.

Core features/benefits
of the products

  • SFCube masters sag of any length, ensuring power continuity and endless sag handling.
  • It offers optimal sag and surge voltage compensation, along with effective spike and noise control.
  • It has a wide tolerance to sudden voltage fluctuations as it handles fluctuations up to 45% of nominal voltage while providing output voltage within +/-2% precision.
  • It provides a wide sag tolerance as it handles sag up to 50% of nominal voltage while providing useful output voltage within the ITIC curve.
  • It is reliable and quiet as it utilizes static technology for quiet operation, high uptime, and minimal maintenance.
  • It delivers real-time compensation as it is always-online Static Compensator
  • Engine instantly addresses voltage fluctuations.
  • It ensures built-in surge protection with its internal surge voltage protection guaranteeing a trouble-free operation.
  • It is equipped with safety features like AC input circuit breakers and load over-current protection, safeguarding valuable equipment.
  • It prevents electronic card failures, data corruption, nuisance trippings, and machine breakdowns, leading to higher productivity and lower operating costs.
  • Its lightweight and compact design ensures an easy and effortless installation.
    It has a wide range of capacities like three-phase 6kVA to 30kVA to choose from.


Allow us to present our Three-Phase SFCube Series, available in sizes from 6KVA up to 30KVA. This series offers impressive power efficiency of around 95% even when handling sag of up to 50% of nominal voltage.

Technical Specifications

Model: Three Phase 6kVA to 30kVA, - 45%

Our Single-Phase VRP SFCube Series is available in sizes from 2KVA up to 10 KVA. This series is distinguished by its offers impressive power efficiency, achieving levels of around 95% even when handling sag of up to 50% of nominal voltage.

Technical Specifications

Model: TSI-VRP 20%

Model: TSI-VRP 26%

CNC Looms face an ongoing challenge in maintaining high-end electronics and controls. Traditional servo stabilizers have proven inadequate due to slow correction speeds, electrical noise, and surge issues. TSi Power’s TSi VRP Static Voltage Regulator with Precision, with real-time voltage correction in 20 milliseconds, revolutionizes CNC Loom performance, eliminating power-related damage and warranty costs. This results in reduced downtime, cost savings, improved productivity, and extended equipment lifespan, ultimately enhancing your business’s reputation and competitive advantage.

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