Pelican Automobile Spares is Powering it’s Sensitive Electronic Equipment with TSi Static Power Conditioner

M/s Pelican Automobile Spares is involved in the manufacturing of both the body and engine of vehicles. Their products are used by the automobile companies in the manufacturing process and for aftermarket sales as well.


Till 2018, they were facing many power-quality issues and consequent failures in all their high-end electronic machinery mainly, CNC machines. Because of these machine breakdowns, they were incurring huge production losses.

All of this was happening even when they had servo stabilizers of a renowned make installed on their LMW, JYOTI, and ACE MICROMATIC machines.


That is when we introduced them to our unique Static Power Conditioner technology which they appreciated and eventually, placed an order of Three Phase 20kVA TSi Static Voltage Regulator with Precision (TSi-VRP).


After they had installed TSi-VRP, one incident happened where three machines being powered by servo stabilizers faced SMPS power supply blast due to power fluctuation while the TSUGAMI machines being powered by TSi-VRP on the same line continued to work perfectly well. 


This further enhanced their confidence in TSi-VRP and since last 3 years their 2 nos. of TSUGAMI CNC machines are being powered by TSi-VRP only.


Also, they have not faced any maintenance-related issues during this period, and rightly so, because TSi-VRP doesn’t have any moving parts inside. Unlike servo stabilizer technology, it is all static and therefore, it is maintenance-free.

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