Sri Bhagirath Textiles feels TSi’s Static Voltage Regulator is an Investment in their Productivity

Sri Bhagirath Textiles Limited offers an exclusive array of Textile Yarns and Fabrics that is produced by making use of high-quality cotton and viscose material. They provide this range of Industrial Yarns and Fabrics to their customers in different sizes, colors and thicknesses as well.

In 2020, we introduced our Static Voltage Regulation technology to Sri Bhagirath Textile Limited, Nagpur (Maharashtra) which is a major textile company in India.

They were facing many power-quality issues of sags, swells, spikes, transients, etc. despite using Servo Voltage Stabilizers. Due to these input side voltage disturbances they were facing problems pertaining to tripping, PCB burning, driver card failures & display getting hammered in their Speed frame Machinery. All of this was severely troubling them, causing them huge production losses and they could observe a major decline in their overall productivity.

Initially, they were surprised to know that we had this advance power conditioning technology with a correction time of 20 milliseconds that could solve all their problems. So, to start with they installed our Three Phase 50 KVA 20% Static Voltage Regulator with Precision (VRP) on 1no. out of 7nos. of ELECTROJET Make Speed frame Machine and decided to observe its performance against the remaining 6nos. of these machines being powered by servo voltage stabiliser (SVS) on the same power supply.

They were able to see immediate results as the 6nos. of Speed frame machines being powered by SVS were getting tripped due to sudden fluctuations, sags, swells, transients, etc. while the machine being powered by VRP was running smoothly without any problem.

The major benefits observed by them comprises of elimination of their maintenance work, zero cost of electronic component spares of speed frame machines, zero machine downtime, zero quality issues. All of this led to a massive reduction in maintenance costs and improved overall productivity.

Thereafter, they gradually installed in total 7 nos. of TSi-VRP on their Speed frame machines of Electrojet make.

In fact, their top management was so impressed with TSi VRP’s performance that they installed 2nos. of 100kVA 20% model at their residences.

Furthermore, they have decided to replace all the servo voltage stabilisers (SVS) in their plant with TSi VRPs, starting with the Linkconer section of the plant. Their plan is to power all their 21nos. of Muratec Linkconer machines with TSi VRP by replacing SVS.

Also, Sri Bhagirath Textiles strongly recommends TSi-VRP to other textile customers.

Please have a look at the Appreciation Letter received from them:

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