Jetaa Group appreciates TSi’s Static Voltage Regulation Technology

Jetaa Group of Companies comprising of M/s Jetaa Engineering & Technology, M/s Jetaa Carbon Eightoms Pvt. Ltd., M/s Jetaa Precision Works and M/s Jetaa Fabrication Technologies, Surat are a leading manufacturer of wide array of Blow Molds, HDPE Blow Molding Machine, Pet Blow Molding Machine, Cashew nut cutting machine, CVD diamond machines etc. Also, they are into precision machine, sheet metal job work using CNC and VMC machines.

They have gradually installed TSi’s Static Voltage Regulator with Precision (VRP) on their VMC Haas VF-2-1, VMC Haas VF4, Haas VF6, Bharat Fritz Welner BMV 45TC24, Ace Micromatic AMS540V VMC, Fanuc DX2005A CNC, Fanuc LMW J1 VMC, Hyundai E160LA CNC, Hindustan Hydraulic EHP 150 31/25 cutting machine, Fiber Laser cutting machine HSG make HS G3015A and CVD machine.

Over the last 5 years, they have installed 15 nos. of TSi-VRP units on all their critical machines.

Jetaa Group highly appreciates TSi’s Static Voltage Regulation technology which provides real-time protection not just from the voltage fluctuation but also from sags, swells and transients. This is the need of today’s sensitive electronic equipment used in mission critical applications. These equipment critically depend on instantly & precisely regulated power, free of all voltage disturbances viz: voltage sags, spikes, surges & noises.

Today, Jetaa Group is our repeat customer.

Please see below the Letter of Appreciation received from the Jetaa Group:

Letter of Appreciation

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