Toyota Kirloskar Motor Entrusts TSi’s Static Voltage Regulation Technology for Sag Mitigation

Toyota Kirloskar Motor Private Limited is an Indian joint venture between Toyota Motor Corporation and Kirloskar Group, for the manufacture and sales of Toyota cars in India.

In February 2021, TSi first approached Toyota Kirloskar Motor (TKM), Bengaluru for introducing them to TSi’s Static Voltage Regulation Technology which provides real time protection from sudden voltage fluctuations, sags, swells & transients and thus prevents the connected sensitive electronic machines/load from any form of electrical damage.

In April 2021, after detailed discussions over a webinar, Toyota Kirloskar Motors (TKM) shared the incoming voltage fluctuations data with TSi for analysing and suggesting a suitable solution for the sags that they had been experiencing.

After detailed study and discussions between TSi & TKM, it was decided that TSi shall put up a trial of Three Phase 75KVA 26% model of TSi-VRP at TKM’s Bidadi, Bengaluru plant which shall be used to power 5nos. of Kawasaki Robots (Model-B2 Series).

Due to a complete lockdown situation in Bengaluru during the second COVID-19 wave, the trial began at the end of June 2021. From July 2021, TKM also roped in Tata Consulting Engineers (TCE) in these ongoing discussions. Between July 2021 and March 2022 alongside trial monitoring various webinars, live demos, TSi’s on-site visits, technical Q&As etc. took place.

Then in April 2022, TKM’s team visited TSi’s Vadodara (Gujarat) plant for further discussions and witnessing TSi’s technical & operational capabilities. Thereafter,  in order to vet TSi-VRP’s performance in the automobile sector, TKM also visited M/s Hwashin Automotive India Pvt. Ltd.’s Chennai plant and got in touch with M/s Hyundai Motor India Ltd., Chennai where various TSi’s Static Voltage Regulators have been performing flawlessly and delivering exemplary results for many years now.

Finally, in June 2022, with full conviction in TSi’s Static Voltage Regulation Technology, Toyota Kirloskar Motor (TKM) placed the order of:

1. 13nos. of Three Phase 75KVA 26% MPS model of TSi-VRP for powering around 70nos. of Robots at their Plant 1.

2. 1no. of Three Phase 65KVA 26% MPS model of TSi-NPS VRP for powering the robots directly at 210V P-N.

This “Solution Providing” journey of around 1.5 years is a classic example of Perseverance, Strength, Faith and Support.

TSi Power is looking forward to creating and sharing more such success stories with the world.

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