All Group Companies of Bapasitaram now use TSi-VRP

Bapasitaram Group of Companies based in Gujarat comprises of M/s Bapasitaram Textiles, M/s Bapasitaram Synthetics and M/s Bapasitaram Industries. They are a leading manufacturer of the polyester spun fabric, polyester viscose fabric & printed polyester fabric.

Till 2014, they were using the obsolete servo voltage stabilizers with their textile machines and faced several issues like tripping of machines, burning of PCBs, failure of driver cards etc. All of this resulted in heavy maintenance costs and very low productivity.

While looking for an effective solution to their problems they came across TSi’s Static Voltage Regulation technology which provides real time protection from sudden voltage fluctuations, sags, swells and transients and thus prevents the connected sensitive electronic machines/load from any form of electrical damage.

In order to test TSi-VRP’s cutting-edge technology and its effectiveness, they decided to first install 1no. of Three Phase 130KVA TSi-VRP  to power their 26nos. of Pifron make Air-Jet machines at their group company M/s Bapasitaram Textiles. Immediately after installation, their card failures reduced significantly.

Highly impressed and satisfied with the performance of TSi-VRP they installed Three Phase 50KVA TSi-VRP on their Prashant Gamatex make Warping machine at M/s Bapasitaram Textiles.

Thereafter, in their another group company M/s Bapasitaram Synthetics they installed Three Phase 160KVA and 250kVA TSi-VRP on Pifron make Air-Jet machines.

Eventually, in their yet another group company M/s Bapasitaram Industries they installed 3nos. of Three Phase 130KVA and 1no. of Three Phase 200KVA TSi-VRP to protect their ITEMA Rapier Auto Looms and other textile machines.

Today, it has been almost 9 years and all the machines in all the plants of their group companies are being powered by TSi’s IGBT-based Static Voltage Regulator with Precision (VRP).

Bapasitaram Group feels that TSi-VRP is an excellent product and an ideal solution for textile machinery.

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